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Przejmuj się, ale nie za bardzo. Przyjmuj odpowiedzialność, ale się nie obwiniaj. Chroń, ratuj, pomagaj, ale wiedz, kiedy zrezygnować.
— Brandon Sanderson - "Droga królów"
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miał spokojną, poczciwą twarz człowieka, od którego bez wahania można kupić używanego konia.
— Pratchett, Mort
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This is so amazing we are get in so close to fully articulated prosthetic arms, legs, hands, and feet that soon it won’t even matter if you lose a limb or can’t use your legs. Like what if we had exoskeletal implementation for people who are paralyzed? I can’t wait organic integration of robotics is so exciting.

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Last week, amateur Polish photographer Bartosz Wojczyński combined an amazing 32,000 images to create a super high-resolution picture of the moon. It took only 28 minutes to take the photos from his balcony in Piekary Śląskie, but the total file size for the photos was a whopping 73.5 gigabytes. Wojczyński spent 5-6 hours combining the images.
Strona autora zdjęcia
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Dying Light - Bozak Horde
Facts of life from Ron Swanson
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! YES!

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